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Tubular heaters

Tubular heaters manufactured by Euroheat are the most technologically advanced solution for heating the manifold injection. The square of the heating offers exceptional heat transfer, together with ease of installation. In this regard it is sufficient to run a quarry where square-shaped section housing the heater and then press it.

This application, as briefly outlined below, allows the use of heaters with no need to put systems in place to keep fixing the heater and improve thermal exchange. It is clear that the application of our heaters, as indeed said, it guarantees an anchor in the quarry that, consequently, the perfect contact and heat transfer of three sides of the heater.

  1. Nickel-chrome 80/20 resistance wire
  2. High purity compactedmagnesiumoxide
  3. Stainless steel sheath
  4. Solid stainless steel terminal
  5. Ceramic end cap

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