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Cartridge heaters

The most advanced constructive technology places Euroheat cartridge heaters among the high wattage electric heaters that assure the best, with respect to durability and performance, in all those sectors that need them. The great care in selecting raw materials, the progressive refinement of the production technique and strict tests, let us reach products that can be used in very heavy working conditions.

The high performance achieved by EUROHEAT electric heaters can be completely used by a correct installation, the great importance of the thermic interchange between the surface of the heater and the mass to be heated make it necessary that the cartridge fits perfectly in the hole.

  1. Nickel-chrome 80/20 resistance wire
  2. High purity magnesium oxide core
  3. High purity compacted magnesium oxide
  4. Stainless steel sheath
  5. Ceramic end cap
  6. Solid nickel conductors
  7. Fiberglass-silicone insulated nickel leadwires
  8. Tig welded end disc

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